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Nine Steps for Installation Success, continued

             how long will the preparation of subfloors will take, the   have the experience and 99% of them have worked in
             installation timeline, etc. Be as thorough as you can,   the field just like you.
             as any delay caused by your team can impact the GC   6. TOOL INSPECTION AND REVIEW
             greatly. This could lead to liquidating damages being
             assessed against your company. Follow through on   You probably have heard around that manufacturers are
             every date by confirming at least 1 or 2 days prior to   bringing out new tools, new products, and developing
             each step.                                         new techniques to make you lose time and money. That
           3. PRE-DELIVERY WALK THROUGH                         is incorrect. Research and development are focused
                                                                on product integrity, efficiency, and best practices. A
             Most companies do prefer to have the material to be   product will not perform as intended when it has been
             stored on the jobsite, rather than having it stored on   installed incorrectly. Depending on your specialty,
             their own premises. It is a very well-known fact that the   inspect and give a good check to all your tools and if
             less a material that is moved, the less there is a chance   necessary, buy new ones. It will be cheaper in the long
             of it being damaged. If you do a walk-through before   run.
             the material arrives, your chances of finding and/or   7. CREW ASSIGNMENT
             negotiating a great spot increase. Pro-Tip, make sure to
             make friends with other trades, you will be surprised   We all have good days and bad days. Some people
             of how far a good attitude takes people, especially in   work better with others because of their rhythm, their
             construction.                                      knowledge, or simply, because they get along extremely
          4.  DOCUMENTATION OF ENVIRONMENT                      well. You do not need to get a psychology degree to
                                                                notice that. So, if morale is high, keep it that way. And
             Manufacturers have a series of material manuals that   always, always make the time for your crews to be up
             must be followed to maintain their warranty. Humidity   to date with any new techniques or products. It is a
             conditions, subfloor conditions, etc. need to be   win-win situation. But if you say: “I get them trained,
             documented and adjusted prior to delivery. No one   but what if they leave?” I will answer right back to you
             would like to void a manufacturer’s warranty. It is quite   “What if you don’t? Are you willing to take such higher
             costly.                                            risk?”
           5. MATERIAL INSPECTION                              8. EXECUTION OF WORK
             As soon as the material arrives, make sure it conforms   With the above outline completed, we are now on
             with its specifications. Document everything possible,   the big day. Make sure that layouts are available in the
             serial numbers, batch numbers, sku, etc., as well as   areas to be worked at, fasteners, adhesive, tacks, etc.,
             any discrepancy on quantities or damage. Make sure   should not be skimped on the big day. Hopefully your
             to contact the supplier immediately if anything is out   relationship with the GC representative has helped you
             of the norm. Get all questions answered at this point   get the best dates where your crew is not stacked with
             from the manufacturer’s representative. They will not   other trades in the same spots so you and your crew
             hold back on their enthusiasm to help, trust them. They   can do your job in a smooth and efficient manner.

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